Delicious and healthy Halloween recipes


Besides costumes and houses decorated in black and orange, the dinner you’re preparing is also crucial for Halloween night. In order to help you create a special atmosphere, suggests you some recipes for this occasion. Moreover, these recipes are healthy, so no worries – runners can enjoy them very well.

Pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween, and that’s why it should be served on the festive table. Pumpkin is an important source of nutrients with countless health benefits, rich in vitamin A and fiber, and low-calorie. You can use it to cook muffins or dumplings.

For pumpkin muffins you will need three cups of flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, a little vanilla, a third cup of milk, skimmed cream and 500 grams of canned or boiled pumpkin. Add pumpkin to the dough, then fill the baking molds. You can use pumpkin seeds and sugar as topping. A muffin will have only 169 calories.


If you opt for a copious dinner, you can cook pumpkin dumplings. Mix the pumpkin with cheese, salt and pepper, and place bits of it on small dough sheets. Then seal the edges and add the dumplings into boiling water. Boil for 7 minutes. Serve with herbs.


By the way, if you want to cook impressive dinner, you can opt for extraordinary dishes with a terrifying appearance.

stuffed eggs can become the eyes of zombies or spider nests. To get such an effect, use beetroot strands atop the eggs, and place slices of green olives in the middle instead of pupils. If you choose to make spiders, then use slices of black olives.

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As well you can shape your salad as a face and cover it with slices of ham. Use 2 black olives as eyes. The result is impressive.


The “mummy” pizza on slices of bread is another original idea for Halloween snacks. To create the mummy head pattern, place strips of cheese as shown in the picture, and you can use black olives and green peas as eyes.

Pizza Mummies cooked

We hope we inspired you for a healthy, delicious and frightful Halloween dinner. So we are waiting for you to come full of energy and new forces to the HellRun 2017, the costume running race held on October 28, 20:00 at the Botanical Garden. Come with your whole family and have fun at the only night race in Moldova.