How do people celebrate Halloween in different countries


Even though Halloween has common traits and traditions for the whole world, such as carving pumpkins or disguising in masks and costumes, the night of October 31 is celebrated differently in various countries. In some regions, this holiday is an occasion for fun costume parties, while in some countries Halloween has religious connotation.

It is considered that when you disguise as a fierce character, evil spirits are cast out. As for Germans, they hide knives so that returning spirits won’t be hurt. On Halloween or “Mischief Night” in some regions of the UK, they pulled the doors off their hinges. As the legend says, the door should be thrown into a pond in order to protected the family of the house from evil spirits.


Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, on Halloween night, they place chairs by the fireside, both for dead and living relatives. Austrians honor their dead relatives by turning on a lamp during the night and leaving bread and water. There was a belief about these objects that they could bring back the spirits of the dead.

As in most European countries, such as France and Romania, in Canada and the United States, Halloween is an excellent occasion to have a themed night and disguise in one of the characters of fairy-tales, horror movies or horror fiction.


At the same time, a beautiful tradition has been established in Moldova to spend Halloween both in a funny and healthy way. Sporter social sports organization and the most popular Moldovan women’s forum conduct the costume night race HellRun. Everyone interested can participate in it, and the distance to be covered is 4 km. The event will take place on October 28 in the Botanical Garden and it’s going to be a true Halloween party.