How to make the most original pumpkin carving


Carved pumpkins are a must for Halloween night. It has become the iconic image of this creepy event. As for the carving itself, it is an interactive process for both children and parents. If you like being creative and producing something original, the pumpkin is the perfect material to test your imagination.

The tradition of carving Halloween pumpkins stems from an Irish story. According to it, there was a boy called Jack who liked to trick everyone around him and even managed to trick the devil. But when he died, they did not accept him neither to heaven nor to hell for what he did. Thus, Jack remained in the dark, and all that he got was a hollowed-out turnip with a glimmering ember so that he could find his path.

The turnip was later replaced with a pumpkin, which was called “jack-o’-lantern” (Jack’s flashlight). Today the pumpkin is carved in the most different ways. It can be creepy or smiling. It can serve as a lantern as in the legend or as a decoration element. Below you can find some pictures and video from which you can get inspired.

National pumpkin


Hyper realistic pumpkin

dovleci sculptati sue beatrice 12

Weird pumpkin


Scary pumpkin


Tiny monster pumpkins


Scarred pumpkin


Funny pumpkin



As soon as you the right carving idea, you can go straight to work because within the costume race HellRun 2017 there will be designated the Official HellRun Pumpkin. Meanwhile you can register the whole family for the night race, which will take place on October 28, in the Botanical Garden, by visiting this LINK.

We’re expecting you for the most „dreadful” and spectacular race!