Safety tips for running in the dark in HellRun 2016


On October 29, there will be held the entertainment race for the whole family – HellRun. The start of 4-kilometer race in the Botanical Garden will be given at 20:00, therefore all the participants should get familiar with the guidelines and tips for safe running and conduct in HellRun race.

Now let’s get started:

– Have a headlamp or hand torch

– If possible, wear retroreflectors on your apparel

– Do warm-up exercises before the start

– Depending on your preparation, you should align to the start accordingly (the fastest participants are supposed to stand ahead of the column)

– You should run straight ahead, without bouncing or jerking

– Be careful during the race

– Be respectful to all participants

Please be reminded that family race HellRun will be held on October 28, in the Botanical Garden.

Time of the event – 18:00 – 22:00. Race start 20:00.

Please don’t forget to register online at:

Participation in the competition is paid – 50 lei (to be paid in the start zone from 18:00).

Organizers: and