The most frightening Halloween stories


Halloween night is associated with dozens of horror stories. Some are based on real facts, others are legends passed down from generation to generation. Yet all of them focus on ghosts, monsters, supernatural phenomena and horrific scenes. Some people, after learning these stories, cannot sleep quietly at night or are afraid of staying in the dark. So be careful, because we’ve selected some really terrifying stories.

1. Cemetery on Halloween night


A legend says that anyone who goes to the graveyard on Halloween at midnight can see ghosts but he has to pay for it with his own soul. On such a night, a group of young boys decided to see if the legend was true. They went to the cemetery, and all of them entered except one boy who was scared and preferred stay outside. The other boys began to run through the cemetery, making fun of the fact that nothing happened. For quite a period everything really seemed all right. Suddenly, the boy who was standing outside the cemetery saw the others approaching but they didn’t look okay. Their eyes were large and sticking out. He started screaming, and the people living near the graveyard heard him and came for rescue. But when they arrived, the boys were dead, except the one who stood outside the cemetery. He has lost tongue, and so nobody could ever find out what happened in the cemetery on Halloween night!

2. The legend of Chucky, the cursed doll


Chucky, the cursed, frightening and murderous doll, appearing in many horror and Halloween films, has its origins in an American urban legend, apparently based on real facts. It is supposed that Chucky belonged to Eugene Robert Otto and was given to him when he was 6 by the housemaid, which was said to practice black magic and voodoo. Although it seemed to be an ordinary cloth doll, Chucky gave rise to strange and terrifying events. It constantly appeared at the boy’s feet when he was asleep, and also made a mess of his room, frightening him. Eugene’s parents heard how their son spoke to the doll, and got responses in a strange voice. The doll also frightened other children, and subsequently it was cast out. Today Chucky is hosted at the East Martello Fort Museum, where curious visitors from all over the world come to see it.

3. Kuchisake Onna


This is the name of a Japanese ghost story, and it literally means “slit-mouthed woman”. The story began spreading in 1970, when a ghostly slit-mouthed woman wearing a surgical mask haunted the streets. As the legend says, she would wait for a child who walks alone and ask him or her if she is pretty. If the answer is “no”, she would kill the victim at once. If the answer is “yes”, she would make the victim look like herself.

It is uncertain whether the stories are real or imaginary, but they make us look back with fear. If you want to spend a memorable evening spiced up with such sensations, but also feel safe and entertained, you can register here for HellRun 2017 – the Halloween costume race. Lots of fearful surprises and gifts are in store for you!