The Most Original Halloween Costumes for Your Entire Family (in which you can run at HellRun)



Halloween is the holiday that lets you use your imagination at full to create unique and funny costumes. It’s even more interesting when you decide to make costumes for all your family members, and the kids turn into cartoon or fairytale heroes. offers you some original costume ideas for your entire family, in which you won’t be unnoticed in the Halloween night and will feel comfortable to run the night race HellRun, traditionally organized by and Sporter on this occasion.


You can dress as a family of pirates. This specific image will differentiate you from the others, and the light clothing will let you run the 4 km distance without any discomfort. More than that, at the finish line of HellRun a real treasure will wait for you – the well-deserved race medal.


An easy-to-make and also very comfortable costume is the one of a band of thieves. For sure the “most wanted” criminal will be your little kid, and the parents will be his accomplices. At HellRun you will have the chance to steal lots of positive emotions without any punishment.


Another interesting idea for the Halloween night, that will turn your family into a real team of superheroes, is to dress like your beloved heroes from Marvel and DC movies. Batman, Superman, Captain America or Ironman – these are only a few characters you may choose to dress like at HellRun. And if you want to like the fastest superhero of all times, it’s better to choose a Flash costume.


One of the symbol-families of Halloween is the Addams family, so you can pick out the darkest clothes from your wardrobe, do your hair the same way, and you will look exactly like the creepy members of this mysterious family. But, instead of black polished shoes, it’s better to choose a pair of comfortable sneakers.


The heroes from “The Wizard of Oz” are well-known, so the idea of turning the members of your family into a scarecrow, tin woodman or a cowardly lion is just perfect for Halloween. With a little imagination, you can find everything you need for these costumes at home.

Pick out the most suitable costumes that your family will like, and we will be waiting for you at HellRun, on October 28, in the Botanical Garden, to run the scariest race in Moldova in the most original way. The registration is already open on this link: Scroll down to find more interesting ideas of Halloween costumes for your entire family.

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