Traditions and customs of the Halloween night


Even though Halloween is not considered to be a national or religious holiday in our country, and its traditions were established far away from our lands, during last years it becomes more and more popular in Moldova. Young people are the ones to wait for this holiday and organize different costume parties, and even some families and companies decorate their premises with Halloween accessories. compiled a list of Halloween customs and traditions, which will help you recreate this atmosphere of mystery in your own houses on the night of October 31.

The main symbol of this holiday is the carved pumpkin. And as Moldova is a land of harvest, you will easily find the best one. You need to carve its eyes and mouth, and place a candle in the middle. This tradition appeared in Ireland and is called „jack-o’-lantern”. According to this tradition, the pumpkin lantern lights up the path of spirits.


And if we came to talk about spirits: it is considered that in the Halloween night, or as it’s also called All Saints’ Eve, good and evil spirits come on earth, and in order to keep away from the bad ones, you need to dress yourself like them. Hence comes the tradition of wearing creepy costumes on this day.

And as nowadays Halloween lost its religious significance, costumes of youngsters are more and more different, masks of superheroes, stars and different characters from movies and cartoons becoming more popular during last years. But for sure skeletons, monsters, ghosts, witches and vampires will never miss this holiday.

Among Halloween decorations are also autumn elements, such as scarecrows, pumpkins and corncobs. Also, the colours of this holiday are considered black and orange.


Kids are the ones to enjoy this holiday more than others. In foreign countries they dress themselves in scary costumes and go trick-or-treating. So the hosts must give them sweets, otherwise they can be scared. More brave young people go in the Halloween night to the cemetery and do occult practices and spiritism. Fortunately or not, these traditions are not so spread in our country.

However, we have the beautiful tradition of running with your entire family at HellRun – a unique costume night race that will take place on October 28, in the Botanical Garden. You can already register on this link.

Register, pick out the most original costume, and come to run 4 km as part of the unique night race in Moldova.