In Moldova for the first time was held the Halloween family race HellRun


On Saturday, October 29, in the eve of Halloween, in Chisinau Botanical Garden took place the first in Moldova family running race – HellRun 2016, organized by and

14884474_1194653640572937_956652817242784138_oHellRun was attended by 300 people, who turned for a evening into fairy characters, heroes and villains of popular comic books, monsters, ghosts and vampires. All of them gathered in a dark place, where they had to conquer 4 km of an absolutely scary route, collecting delicious sweets from the partners of the event.

14900348_1194658053905829_3614089048942550356_nAt 18:00 sportsmen were registering and preparing for the race, turning into real monsters thanks to professional makeup artists. And when the darkness fell, the runners began to line up in the starting area. The participants could easily guess that there was something creepy waiting for them in the darkness, especially the starting arch with the frightening inscription “WELCOME TO HELL” made it clear that there is nothing ”hallow” ahead. Only darkness, monsters and a bag full of sweets.

14601038_1194661607238807_7758071383752891848_nIn the HellRun area played a thematic music, the animators entertained all those present with interesting shows and contests, creating a truly-holiday atmosphere that could be felt in the park until the end of the competition.

14595682_1194664213905213_963680758175147421_nSo, after 20:00 was given the start of the debut race, and the brave sportsmen rushed in the dark forest, following the RedBull car, thanks to which during the whole route sounded a holiday music. Throughout the route there were monsters even scarier than most of the participants waiting for the runners, and, of course, sweets. All the registered heroes, received some red bags from VideoSecurity besides their numbers, in which they gathered the candies and cookies from Dulcinella and Nefis, and also the sugar water from Letto and the juice from Naturalis.14615806_1194667750571526_801234381301473269_o

After running through the gloomy alleys with their bags full of candies, the amateur runners, parents with kids and groups of friends, got the symbolical cookie medals at the finish line, made according to the devil’s recipe.

14570227_1194668750571426_966204728515622064_nThe happy faces thanked the organizers of the race for the perfectly spend time among other runners, who became a big family in short time, participating in different sports events by Sporter.md14900341_1194669460571355_1452172260523700173_n

We, organizers of HellRun, thank all of you, dear runners, for your active participation. And also thank the volunteers of Sporter, who helped us organizing this holiday from the very beginning and to the end.

14606425_1194659870572314_4485719446094811691_nSee you at the costume race in the New Year’s eve – “Maratonul de Craciun”, that will take place on December 18 in the central square of Chisinau. For more details go to

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